Our Services

Our primary service is teleradiology, and our main goal is to provide accurate and timely reports to you, our clients, at a fair price. We aim to be part of a win-win team that shares a common goal: your patient. Our team cares for your patients as if they were family. If we cannot practice good and compassionate medicine then we are in the wrong business.

We always begin with an assessment of your needs followed by a quote or proposal with an implementation timeline. Let’s dive a little deeper into what we do can do for you.


Many offices already perform digital X-ray imaging. We can easily receive these studies on our PACS system and provide you with prompt readings. We also provide QC feedback and can offer online educational reviews for your staff.


STAT interpretations, second opinions and consultation. We provide these services for medical practices, radiology imaging centers and urgent care facilities. Our physicians are available through a 1-800 call center. We interact daily with multiple providers to assist in the care of their patients.


We can receive and read ultrasound exams performed by your ultrasound staff or exams acquired from mobile vendors who perform imaging services for your patients at your office. These ultrasound exams may be viewed and interpreted on our PACS system. These services may include many types of ultrasound examinations to include screening exams, general ultrasound, small parts, gynecology and even echocardiography examinations. If you are interested in adding ultrasound services at your office we can also introduce you to vendors who will assist with this process.


We have been reading digital fixed and mobile screening mammograms for years. We have assisted in the creation and development of many programs in and outside of North Carolina. Our mammographers are all fellowship-trained and are passionate about the service they provide. We can guide you through the process of establishing a fixed or mobile mammography program for your patients and will also assist in the ACR accreditation process. More than any other imaging program, mammography requires a team of individuals devoted to this service. We have a proven track record and are happy to help you get your program started.


We have been reading fixed site and mobile MRI examinations for years and have been deeply involved with image acquisition and mobile servicing for many clients in and outside of North Carolina. We have fellowship-trained radiologists ready to help read your exams. If you do not yet have onsite MRI we can walk you through the process and introduce you to vendors who can assist you with this goal.


What in the world would we do without the invention of the CT scan? Invented in the 1970s by Godfrey Hounsfield and Allan Cormack, it is difficult to even imagine a time when a CT scan was not available. In 2015 over 80 million CT examinations were performed in the United States. Its efficiency and diagnostic sensitivity are a wonder. It has helped to save many lives and has aided many treatment plans worldwide. Incredible strides have been made in just over 40 years and that trend will continue. Increasing resolution, improved volume rendering and decreasing dose are all part of its evolution. We can assist you with your CT services by providing an accurate diagnosis, improving your protocols or assisting with ACR accreditation. We are also able to help you add Screening Lung CT or Cardiac Calcium Scoring CT to your list of services.


We have provided many clinical trials reports for various programs. We are happy to discuss the scope of your study and customize our reporting style to meet your specific needs. Each project is unique and a collaborative effort that we enjoy.


We have already established a successful PACS network. Any PACS system requires time and money to maintain. Why not use ours and concentrate on caring for your patients? We have an all-in-one solution that allows you to image your patients while we do the rest.

This comes with 24/7 IT support. Once the images are sent to us for interpretation they are archived in two different states for safe keeping. All images and reports are available through our web-based system.