Hopefully you have all had a chance to enjoy a little summer rest and relaxation before we all head back into the busy season. I know you are short on time so we will share some brief updates that may be helpful to you and your practice. This year we have been focused on “getting our house in order”. We have made a few changes that we believe will help everyone.


Our website has been restored and placed on an updated platform. Our “News” page will be continually changing with new content and educational resources that should be of use to you and your practice. Keep an eye on this page.

Please take a moment to check in and read about our newest programs and staff members. We would like you to be aware of our staff members and how talented they are. They are all here to help.


Many of you already know we have a new help desk email. By sending your issues or questions to this address a “ticket” is created so we can prioritize incoming requests and track them appropriately until they are resolved. This has been a much more organized and efficient way to deal with issues. Thank you for participating. As always, if you need to speak with someone you are welcome to call.


Please welcome our newest staff members. Their educational information may be found on our website.

  • Dr. Jordan Toman is a specialist in Women’s imaging and the incoming head of our mammography program.
  • Dr. Jeremy Havas is a general radiologist with special expertise in PET imaging.
  • Dr. Philip McDonald is a nationally known expert in Musculoskeletal imaging. He also serves as an NBA Medical TV analyst.
  • Stephen S. Johnston MD, MBA, is a recently trained physician who brings an MBA & Health Management skills to the group.

We are in the process of adding other additional members as well and will update our website once those decisions are finalized.

Please give them a warm welcome as they become acquainted with you and our system. Do not hesitate to ask them a question if an issue arises.

If you are a radiologist interested in joining our team please send us an email at info@strategicimagingmd.com. We look forward to speaking with you.


A big thank you to our three administrators, Rachael Radosta, Ashley Summey and Judy Tyler. We have made some very big changes this year, and with the help of these three wonderful staff members have gotten the job done.

Many of their accomplishments are completed behind the screen of the PACS worklist and may go unnoticed to most. This year they have re-configured our network to replace VPNs with route manager software, organized our archive infrastructure, helped create and establish a functional structured reporting system, created a billing program for an urgent care chain and a multispecialty clinic and have helped us initiate a turnaround time (TAT) project that has helped us track TAT and deliver our reports in a faster and more efficient way.

Those of you who work with them know how special they are. In addition, they have accomplished all of the feats listed above while solving daily problems, setting up new clients and on-boarding new staff members. Please join me in giving them a round of applause. They deserve it.


Many of our ultrasound clients will soon be receiving a “structured report”. These are radiology reports that automatically include many measurements that are made by the technologists in a very efficient manner. This should provide us all with a standardized report and less voice recognition errors. There will be some details to work out and we appreciate all of you that will be working with us to make this happen. Expect a call from us to assist you with setting up this functionality on your ultrasound equipment.


Many of you may not know that one of our staff members, Dr. Torelli, is a cardiologist and not a radiologist. He has been instrumental in helping us develop our structured reports for echocardiography. He is available to read echocardiograms, ECGs, and myocardial perfusion studies if you have the need.


This year we have begun performing several new exams to help our clients enhance their practices. These include:

  • Lung Screen CT
  • Calcium Scoring CT
  • Pre-operative Makoplasty CTs for surgical planning
  • Fibroscans for a clinical trials program
  • Venous mapping pre and post endovascular ablation
  • Custom Clinical Trials reporting
  • Echocardiography and EKG reporting

Medicine is changing and so are we! We are on the move and happy to participate in caring for the needs of all your patients. If you have an idea and would like to discuss a new service please let us know.

This year has been an opportunity to get organized and we are taking full advantage of it. We are determined to grow and provide additional unique and improved services. We are very interested in continuing to grow our MRI, Mammography, Echocardiology, Clinical Trials and Ultrasound programs. We have years of experience in mobile imaging and teleradiology services and can assist you if you have any questions.

Thank you to all our clients. It is a real privilege and pleasure to work with you and care for your patients.